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Be Dog Smart

On the 8th June 2015 we welcomed Jo and her dog Paddy from the Dogs Trust into our school. They taught us all about how to stay safe around dogs and how to approach unknown dogs. We loved getting to stroke Paddy and finding out all about how the Dogs Trust works.



Our visit from Jo and Paddy has contributed towards the Dogs Trust aim of encouraging young people to learn about caring for dogs, being a responsible dog owner and how to stay safe around dogs. Dogs Trust believe that by educating young people about the commitment involved in owning a dog and about staying safe around dogs, we can help them to become more responsible members of their local community. Experiences show that teaching compassion, care and respect towards animals can also enrich children’s lives in many other ways.


Be Dog Smart!

10 easy tips to remind kids how to stay safe around dogs:


Beware of disturbing dogs that are eating or sleeping.

Even if for fun, don't ever tease a dog please.

Don't approach a dog with no owner around.

Only stroke a dog when the owner says 'Yes, you can.'

Get the dog to sniff your hand first, then stroke gently.

Strange dog approaching? Stand still, look away, cross your arms.

Move calmly and quietly around any dog.

All that hugging and kissing - you might like it, dogs don't!

Remember all dogs have teeth.

Treat dogs with respect and they will respect you!


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