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Computing Yearly Overview

As well as being an important curriculum requirement, the ability to use Computing effectively is a vital skill in our present society, therefore we aim for our children to be confident and purposeful users of all aspects of Computing. We encourage children to use Computing across the curriculum for investigating, recording, organising, control and communication.


Our school is well equipped to help the children learn and develop their computing skills. In addition to the school's Research Zone which is fitted with computers, we have a bank of laptops that can be used within classrooms promoting cross-curricular learning and a class set of Learnpads.  We ensure that the needs of all children are met. As well as specific software to help support children there is a special computer for the visually impaired and a vaiotech table which can be adjusted to height for wheelchair access.


As well as learning computer skills children are taught to use other equipment such as scanners, digital and video cameras and other recording devices.  It is our aim that children will be confident using the ever new technology.


We are aware that the internet is a fantastic tool for learning we understand how it can be mis-used. All of our children are taught about e-safety and how to stay safe on the internet. Children are always supervised when they are on the internet and parents are asked to sign permission for children to use it appropriately. Please use this link to access the "Think U Know" site which promotes e-safety.



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