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At Riverside we teach French as our Modern Foreign language in KS2. We focus on the spoken language in Year 3 and this develops onto the written aspect of French in order to lay the foundations for foreign language teaching in KS3. At Riverside we pride ourselves on the practical application of the French language through communicating facts and feelings in speech, playing games to introduce the key vocabulary related to topics such as colours, home, school, family etc and creative ways for the children to record the language.


In French at Riverside we teach children to;

  • Listen and respond to spoken language

  • Explore the patterns of language through stories, songs and rhymes

  • Engage in conversations

  • Ask and answer questions

  • Express opinions

  • Understand and use basic grammar and language patterns

  • Develop correct pronunciation

  • Learn about aspects of French culture and traditions


In Early Years and KS1 the children are exposed to a variety of diverse cultures and we bring this into the classroom through simple greetings in languages that are relevant to the children. We believe this enables them to start to understand and appreciate that there are other languages and how we should show mutual respect for others around us. They also begin to learn basic phrases in French which enables them to become enthusiastic when the move into KS2.


In KS2 we follow a range of resources for French to ensure full coverage of the French curriculum. Throughout KS2 we also use the website Linguafun . The whole school has access to the 5 a day website which enables us to exercise and dance to songs in French.

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