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Parent Maths Workshop Wednesday 2nd November 2016


The parents that attended were really positive about the introduction of Maths meetings  across the school. These are held after lunch everyday to practice those skills that the children need to be secure in such as counting in different steps, reasoning, multiplication, days of the week etc. Each class targets these skills through songs, discussion, counting etc and are encouraged to talk in full sentences using mathematical vocabulary. Parents were able to watch a Maths meeting with some Year 5 children. Some of the children also showed the parents some of the written methods we use in school and the resources children have in class to help them with Maths such as Numicon.

 We have Maths passports for children to practice their basic maths skills such as number bonds, addition and subtraction and times tables knowledge. I have included the targets for each passport below and some examples of the passports too. The children are really enthusiastic about them and each time they pass one they will receive a certificate and badge! I have added an example of each passport below so you can see what the children are working on.


Here are some of the parent's comments:

 "The hand-outs were great and useful. I love the passport idea".

"It was great to see what resources you have in school and for the children to explain these to us".

"Very useful, I look forward to the next Maths workshop".


Mrs Rimmer will be organising another soon and you’re all invited!

Useful Resources


www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks1bitesize/numeracy/ – lots of fun activities for all aspects of maths at KS1.


www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/maths/ – useful throughout KS2, with excellent sections for revision for KS2 SATs.


http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/maths/index.html – a huge range of activities for practising all areas of maths.


www.counton.org, www.sumdog.com, www.primarygames.co.uk and http://www.topmarks.co.uk/

– a selection of free games for all age groups which help children practise a wide variety of maths skills in a fun way.


There are lots of suggestions for activities you can do at home with your child:



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