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Meet Eddie - our School Dog

Eddie was sourced from a Kennel Club assured breeder.  Eddie was part of a litter of six.  He was home reared by the breeder, away from their kennels.  Eddie's father, Boris, has a gentle temperament.  Boris is a qualified Cynophobia Assistance Dog, which means he helps children with a fear of dogs overcome that fear by learning to trust him. Earlier in the year Boris went to Crufts as an Assistance Dog on the Kennel Club stand, where he was petted and read to by young children.  Eddie's mother, Lily, also has a gentle temperament.  Eddie is very calm but playful.  He loves to be stroked and cannot wait to meet you all.


Eddie 1 Eddie was born 27th March 2017 (blue collar).
Eddie 2 His Dad is called Boris.
Eddie 3 His Mum is called Lily.
Eddie 4 Taken when 6 weeks old.

How to Help Eddie Help You

Riverside would like to give special thanks to the below listed people who have been key contributors along our journey in planning for our school dog.  For your advice and support, we are truly grateful.


Jenny, Giovanna & Bella

Rob Garratt - St Peter's Methodist Primary School, Canterbury

Kayleigh Ward

Sarah London & Stanley

Sue & Graham Taplin - Breeders (see link above)

Lauren Tabony - Dog Trainer (see link below)

Rise VanFleet - AAPT Trainer (see link below)


How to Speak Edonese… Cues for Humans

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