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Parent/Carer Survey November 2015

Ofsted Questions Parent Survey Results Graph

Comments taken from Parent/Carer Survey November 2015


"Seen a huge leap in child's development and confidence since September"


"We could not be happier with child's learning"


"You have taught the children how to respect others and belongings"


"They are excited to go to school as learning seems so much fun"


"Workshops are excellent & ensure we can support our child"


"My children are happy, therefore they achieve well and reach their full potential"


"We love the culture and atmosphere of the whole school and the approachability of Miss Williams and Mrs Robson as well as the other members of staff"


"Children are happy at Riverside and enjoy attending and taking part which is thanks to the staff who promote a safe and inclusive environment"


"School caretaker should be thanked as school always looks bright/clean and he is visibly always busy"

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