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Personal, Social and Health Education

We promote a secure understanding of social, personal and health education. We provide learning experiences that enable children to develop the necessary skills to participate in their local community and within the wider society. This involves holding  a jobs fair for KS2 to inform them about different carer options and how to achieve this.


"Circle Time" is used for discussing themes and issues. Through this children are taught how to seek resolutions to problems and issues. We also explore themes related to PSHE in our daily assemblies. 


Our school follows the Jigsaw Scheme of work, for more information on this scheme please follow the link below:



Please find our PSHE Overview for the academic year 2018-2019 attached below. Each of the core themes are covered through "puzzle pieces" in each unit of work. Children are able to discuss their ideas and reason in a friendly environment. From September 2018, we will spend the first term looking at "Being Me in My World" and focus this unit upon the needs of the class. Then from Term Two we will progress steadily through the range of core themes with each class.

British Values at Riverside

Curriculum Overview

Riverside Rangers

This is a very important part of our community here at Riverside. Every term one class goes out into our local community and has the opportunity to participate in activities beyond the classroom. Activities can include: presenting gifts to our neighbours such as daffodil bulbs, litter collecting,  bag packing at Tesco, visiting a home for the elderly and much much more. Here at Riverside we love to interact with our wider community and show how we develop our children to become well rounded members of society. Photos of our Riverside Rangers outings are available on class pages and on our display board located inside school. 


Riverside Rangers for the academic year 2018 - 2019

Term One - Year Six - Leaflet drop in the community

Term Two - Year Five - Suffolk Care Home

Term Three - Year Four - Tesco helping bag packing

Term Four - Year Three - Giving daffodils to the local residents

Term Five - Year One - Suffolk Care Home

Term Six - Year Two - Litter Packing                                    Reception - Teddy Bear's picnic


Sex Education
This part of the PSHE curriculum is taught to Year 5 and 6, with certain elements taught separately to boys and girls. It is taught using video programmes and children's questions are answered frankly and honestly with due consideration to the children's age and maturity. At all times the emphasis is on good morals and the value of family life. Parents can discuss any concerns with the Year 5 and 6 teachers if they wish.

Sex and Healthy Relationships

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