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Physical Education

Weekly PE lessons in all key stages encourage children to understand the need for safety and working with others in a team. We aim to ensure all pupils:


§ develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities

§ are physically active for sustained periods of time

§ engage in competitive sports and activities

§ lead healthy, active lives.

Healthy School

Having a good understanding of what it means to have a healthy lifestyle is a vital part of your child's PE education. Children are taught about the importance of exercise and of eating a balanced diet. We then use our kitchen facility to teach the children about nutrition and learn to make different healthy meals and snacks.


We also offer a Change For Life Club where children are taught vital skills to enable them to live an active and healthy life style.

We are extremely lucky to have Korfball club that is run by a professional Korfball player. Korfball is a noncontact sport that can be played by both boys and girls together and by all ages. We are looking into joining up with other local schools in order to play friendly matches.


To help to keep the children active during the day, alongside our PE lessons we have 5-A-day. This is a 5 minute exercise routine or dance video that the children follow along to. 
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At Riverside we are proud of the range of extra curricular activities that we offer to all of of students.  Clubs are run on a termly basis with a mixture of teacher lead and PE experts. Please see the Clubs section of our website. 



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