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School Council

At Riverside, we believe it is very important that the children's views are represented in discussions and decision-making. We therefore have a School Council with members from Years 1 to 6. Every year, each class elects two people to represent them on the School Council. The Council meets fortnightly with Miss Tullett to discuss ideas that the children have for improving things at Riverside, or to help make decisions about things that are going to happen.


For the academic year 2017-2018, our School Council representatives are:

Year One: Summer and Riley

Year Two: Evie and Lewis

Year Three: Amy and Seth

Year Four: Scarlett and Harley

Year Five: Chiamaka and Roy

Year Six: Chloe and Bradley


You can recognise your School Council representatives by spotting their white badges on their school jumpers and their photos are displayed on our School Council board in the conservatory.

Our School Motto


Happy, Helpful and Hard-working.


School Council shared the views of staff, Governors and pupils before voting on a motto which they felt summarised our school. They kept the motto short and used alliteration to make it memorable. The motto is now used on our school newsletters and has been painted in our hall and outside Foundation Stage. The motto is used as a reminder of the attitude expected from our Riverside community.



Our Playground


One of the biggest jobs the School Council took on was improving our playground by adding a trim trail. They looked at lots of options presented by a range of companies who all wanted the job! They selected the different elements to go into our trim trail and chose how the separate bits should be arranged. You can see from the pictures of the plans how everything was decided. The whole school thinks they did a great job, as we all love playing on the trim trail at lunchtimes!

Picture 1 This is what the playground looked like before.
Picture 2 These were the different elements we could choose.
Picture 3 This is how we decided to put them together.
Picture 4 Here's our finished trim trail!

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