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Year 1 - Woodpeckers

Welcome to Year One Woodpeckers Class!

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Miss Tullett is our Class Teacher.

Mrs Harfleet is our Learning Support Assistant.

Term 6 

Weather and the Seaside 

In Term 6, our topic is “Weather and the Seaside” and in this we will be exploring plants in Science as well as the different types of weather we have in the UK and around the world in Geography. We will link music with this topic, making our own weather sounds with musical instruments. In History, we will be exploring the seaside in the past and comparing to our seaside today, as well as linking our English to reading lots of books linked to the seaside such as Katie Morag and Flotsam. In Maths, we will be looking at multiplication and division and capacity and volume including lots of problem solving along the way.

June is also the time for our phonics screening check! Wishing all my wonderful Woodpeckers all the luck in the world as they are revising their phonics skills and working hard to segment and blend real and alien words.


As always Maths with Parents should be used at home to recap topics studied at school and practise skills the children find tricky. For any log ins please see me or a member of KS1 and we will be happy to help!

Year 1 Term 6 Curriculum Overview

Term 5

Turrets and Tiaras

This term our topic is “Turrets and Tiaras”. As part of this we will be learning about castles in the UK, particularly about why they were built, who lived in them and their features. Alongside learning about castles, we will also learn about knights and traditional tales, such as Rapunzel.

In Science, we will be learning all about the seasons. We will be looking at how the seasons change over the course of the year and how we can identify each season in turn.

In Maths, we will be looking at numbers 50 to 100, addition and subtraction strategies with higher numbers as well as money. As always, please ensure you are accessing Maths with Parents at home throughout the term. 


To help us with our castle topic, would you kindly be able to bring in any items for junk modelling please? Ideally cardboard boxes around cereal box size or slightly smaller would be great as well as toothpaste boxes and empty tin foil trays.


Keep revising your real and alien words throughout the term as the phonics screening check is fast approaching! We are enjoying playing games, writing words and being phoneme detectives in the lead up to June. Keep up the hard work Woodpeckers!

Year 1 Term 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Term 5 and 6 Newsletter

Term 4 

Where I live. 

In Term 4, our topic will be “Where I live” and we will be exploring our local area in Rainham and the UK including our main towns and cities. We will be focusing on stories which involve characters going on a journey such as: Snail and the Whale, Mr Gumpy's Motor Car and Three Little Pigs. We will be linking our topic with Science and we will be undertaking investigations about different materials including materials to make the Three Little Pigs houses and materials that float and do not float.

In Maths, we will be looking at addition and subtraction to 20, fractions and measurement with length and mass. 

In RE, we will be looking at Easter and surprises and Year 1 will be visiting St Margaret's Church to fully immerse ourselves in the Christian faith. 

As always, in the lead up to the Phonics Screening Check in June, reading is a high priority in Year 1. Please continue to focus on reading your school books as well as real and alien words and if you need any support, please come and see me.


Year 1 Term 4 Curriculum Overview

Term 3 

Heroes and Heroines

Happy New Year! This term in Woodpeckers we are diving back in time to look at our topic of “Heroes and Heroines”. We are going to be looking at the story ‘Superworm’, doing lots of activities linked to this well-known favourite book including sequencing the story and creating their own "super minibeast".

We will also learn about some heroines from the past such as Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Grace Darling. We are going to be learning about what made them heroines and so famous in today's society.

Your child's homework project should be linked to one of our chosen heroines and this needs to be brought into school by Monday 11th February 2019.

In Maths, we will be adding and subtracting numbers to 20 and then moving onto time, including hourly and half past times. Any extra work you can do at home on time is hugely beneficial!

Year 1 Term 3 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Term 3 and 4 Newsletter

Term 2



I hope you have all had a restful break over half term. We have an exciting and busy term to come, learning about lots of different types of celebrations. We will start by looking at Bonfire Night and Remembrance Sunday. After this, we will focus on Diwali, a Hindu celebration. The children will get to make and decorate clay Diva lamps as well as special Diwali sweets. We will then move onto learning all about the importance of Christmas. We can't wait to show you our Christmas Nativity! The children will be given parts for this in a few weeks time.

In Maths, we are continuing with addition and subtraction but then moving onto exploring 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. Your child would really benefit from practicing writing their numbers around the right way at home, as well as their number bonds to 10 and counting forwards and backwards in 2's.

Year 1 Term 2 Curriculum Overview

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Term 1

All About Me


Our first topic in Woodpeckers is called 'All About Me.' The children will be looking closely at what makes them special and unique as a human being including their body parts and senses. We will also explore animals including pets and how similar and different we are to a variety of animals. We will be undertaking really fun activities linked to all of our senses! As well as this, we shall be reading the story 'Dear Zoo'. We will be acting out it out to retell it as well as writing some acrostic poems.

In Maths, the children will take part in Maths Mastery lessons. We will learn songs to sing during our lessons and this term we have a big focus on numbers 1-10. This means we will learn the number bonds for all numbers 5-10 and how we can represent numbers in different ways. We will also be adding and subtracting numbers up to 10.



Year 1 Term 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Term 1 and 2 Newsletter

Year 1 Common Exception words

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Key Information

Our PE day is Wednesday so please ensure your child has a named PE kit with plimsoles or trainers. Earrings must be removed for PE before school by an adult for health and safety reasons.


Please remind your child to bring in a named water bottle every day - even in the winter months! Being well hydrated helps us to concentrate and be ready to learn.

Your child has the opportunity to change their reading book every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When you have read with your child please comment and sign their reading record book to signify they have read at home. We will be recording who is reading regularly at home and there will be prizes for the top readers! The contact book can also be used to communicate any messages with me. We will also continue with Buster Book club.


Phonics is taught daily with an emphasise on children being able to read the words and then be able to put them into sentences to show they understand their meaning. They also practice writing the words and again writing them into full sentences. Throughout the year, I will give out alien and real words for you to work on with your child at home. This will prepare them for their Phonics Screening test in June 2019.

Forest School will be taking place every Monday afternoon so please make sure your child has a named bag for their peg with suitable clothing i.e. warm or waterproof clothing, wellies and gloves (for the winter months). Forest School is an exciting part of the school day in which the children will be exploring their topic and other areas of the curriculum, in the outdoor environment.

Please find below a list of useful websites which can help your child at home:

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