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FS - Hedgehogs

Welcome to Hedgehogs Class!

Mrs Robson is our class teacher.

Mr Bell and Miss Thatcher are our learning and teaching assistants.

Welcome to Hedgehogs Class we are delighted to be working with your children throughout the year. We have lots of fun and exciting opportunities for your children and we are here to help make an unforgettable Reception year experience.

Important dates coming up:

Hedgehogs Class Assembly - Thursday 20th June at 9.10am

Sports Day - Thursday 27th June

Transition Morning (children will spend the morning in their new class) - Thursday 4th and Friday 5th July.

Term 6 - Mini-beasts

This term we will be looking at mini-beasts.  Some of the things we will be doing include:


Using some story books to help us such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Superworm.  We will recount the stories and make our own super mini-beasts! We will also make our own information books about mini-beasts.


We will make mini-beast homes and hunt for mini-beasts in Forest School. We will look at Matisse's art work - The Snail and create our own art using this.  We will look at symmetry and make our own symmetrical butterflies.  We will also have our own class caterpillars and we will watch them turn into butterflies and record the lifecycle.


We are sure there will be many other things we will be doing this term using this theme and others which interest us.


In Maths we will be looking at addition and subtraction and counting on and back using number lines to find answers.  We will be solving practical and written problems and looking at measure, money and capacity.


We will also be getting ready to move to Year 1 and learning all about what happens when we become Kingfishers (Year 1 class)  next year.


* Draw and label a map of a journey through space. They could  add planets, stars and arrows.

* Read their school book.

* We have been looking at shapes. Either create a shape picture or go on a shape hunt at home.


Term 5 - Space

The children have really enjoyed books about space so this term we will be looking at space and rockets.  We will be reading different books linked to space and making our own rockets. We will be thinking about what we would take on a rocket, make our own planets and aliens, have a spaceship role play area, write a space menu and plan a journey to the moon. 


In Maths we  will be looking at shapes, pattern, addition and subtraction.  We will be looking at simple problems to solve and encouraging children to explain their answers and speak in full sentences.

To celebrate our space topic we will be having a ‘Space Day’ on Wednesday 1st May. The children will be invited to come to school in outer space costumes. This could be an astronaut, alien or something else. Please don’t feel you need to go out and buy a costume, your child could be a green alien and wear all green clothes, you could add eyes to a headband for them to wear or stuff an old pair of tights and attach it to their clothes as an extra arm. The choice is yours. Early Years staff are also looking forward to dressing up! Can we please ask that there is no face paint. We would also like all children to have packed lunch or choose a school packed lunch (sandwich) on their menu on this day as we will have a picnic on the moon together at lunchtime


We are looking forward to the exciting adventures which lay ahead.



Term 4 - Traditional Tales

This term we are looking at different Traditional Tales.  These include: The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will be developing our Literacy  skills by drawing story maps, reading words and sentences from the stories, writing letters and even writing our own stories. 


We will be building our own dens in Forest School and will be looking for signs of spring.


We will have chicks visit us so we will have a look the life cycle of a chick and maybe make our own chicks.


In Maths we are looking at numbers to 20, finding one more and one less.  We are also learning to count in 2s and 10s.  We will be making groups, sharing and finding pairs.


We are also developing our throwing and catching skills . Our Jigsaw topic is Healthy Eating so we will be looking at how to be healthy.


It is also book week and we will have our first visit to Rainham Library.


We will keep parents and carers posted with our latest news on our class Dojo page.



Term Three- Winter


This term we are looking at winter, polar animals and ice castles. We will be reading stories  involving polar animals and investigating with ice. We will also be looking at Chinese New Year. Alongside this we will follow children’s interests to engage learning.


We will be focusing on writing full sentences in literacy, we will be adding and subtracting numbers to 10 in maths mastery as well as starting phase three in phonics.


We will be starting Forest School next Wednesday so please could your children have a pair of wellies in school ready for this. They would benefit from a hat and gloves too. We have puddle suits in school which the children will wear.


As always reading is a huge priority, as children are becoming more aware of letter sounds, they should be encouraged to sound out and blend words independently whilst reading and in their everyday environment. I encourage you to take part in Buster Book Club every Wednesday, the children love to hear the weekly winners in assembly.


Keep up to date with our day to day activities via our class Dojo page.


Term Two- Festivals and Celebrations


This term we are going to be looking at different festivals and celebrations, across a range of religions E.g: Diwali and The Story of Christmas. We will be focusing on all areas across the curriculum including writing CVC words, adding and subtracting numbers to 6, experiencing different cultures and developing relationships with our peers.


We are looking forward to the build up to Christmas from nativity rehearsals to making Christmas gifts, Christmas jumper day to Christmas disco day, we will be having lots of fun!


As always reading is a huge priority, as children are becoming more aware of letter sounds, they should be encouraged to sound out and blend words independently whilst reading and in their everyday environment. 


Keep up to date with our day to day activities via our class Dojo page.



Term One- All About Me


In our first term as Hedgehogs we explore the topic of “All About Me”. We will be learning our new class routines, rules and expectations. Our work will focus on the themes of ourselves, our family and our friends. It is a great opening topic for the year as the children have a sense of ownership and knowledge of these areas and so feel confident to access the learning.


Please keep a close eye on our website for photos of our first few weeks at school and all the exciting things we will be getting up to!

Our first week at school is always an exciting but emotional time. It will be spent exploring our classroom both indoors and outdoors, making friends and learning new routines.


Key Information:

Please ensure your child brings in their Riverside school book bag every day as these fit in their trays and are used daily for contact books and letters.


All clothing, bags and bottles must be clearly named so that the children can easily find them. With permission, teachers can use a sharpie permanent marker to label up children’s belongings if necessary.

We are a healthy school so children should bring water every day - even in the winter months! Being well hydrated helps us to concentrate and be ready to learn. Riverside water bottles can be purchased through the school office.


Your child will be taking part in PE on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school including plimsoles or trainers. Earrings must be removed for PE at home before school.


Forest School takes place every Wednesday afternoon so please make sure your child has welly boots and gloves/hats for the winter months. All in one suits are provided by school. Forest School is an exciting part of the school day in which the children will be exploring their topic and other areas of the curriculum, in the outdoor environment. Earrings must be removed for Forest School at home before school.


Your child's reading book is changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please try to read regularly with your child and make a comment in their contact book. If you would like to keep the reading book a little longer, just write in the contact book and their book will not get changed that day.


We take part in Buster Book Club every Wednesday, so please read and record it on their reading bookmark inside the front cover of their contact book.  We count the minutes on a Thursday.  There is a class winner and a whole school class winner every week.


The topics and activities we follow are inspired by the children’s interests and can change frequently. We will let you know if there is anything you can do to support these at home. The children will have activities which cover all 17 areas of the Early Years curriculum.  This is through play based and teacher led activities.


We have daily phonics lessons and there is a parent phonics workshop and coffee morning in our cookery corner on 4th October 2018 at 9:15am so please come along to meet Miss Tullett and find out key information about the upcoming year and ways to help your child with phonics at home.


Children will also have daily Maths lessons following the EYFS curriculum. Please encourage your children to recognise numbers at home, count out amounts, and look for shapes and patterns.


Barnaby Bear is our class toy who will go home for a weekend with each child throughout the school year. We ask that you write down what Barnaby has been doing with you and share pictures so that the children can share this with the class.


Our class webpage will be updated regularly with news and lots of information about us in Hedgehogs. Please visit our Class Dojo page for pictures and other information about what is happening in class.


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