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At Riverside we follow the Letters and Sounds programme for phonics and adapt it when needed.  This programme has 6 phases which we start following in our nursery class.  Very early phonics is all about listening to the sounds around us and then this moves on to phase 2 which starts to look at initial letter sounds.


We teach a structured phonics programme in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  Sounds are taught in detail throughout the whole week in a daily phonics lesson for EYFS and Year 1.  Initial letter sounds are taught through actions which we have to represent each sound.  For each digraph we have a rhyme to support it. 


We help the children to recognise what a sound looks like and practise it through a range of reading, spelling and writing activities.  The children are then able to apply these sounds when reading and writing.  From the beginning the children are encouraged to blend and segment sounds to read and write words eg s-a-t


We hold regular phonic workshops for parents. They are positively received. Copies of the presentations given at these can be found at the bottom of this page as well as copies of the digraph rhymes we follow in school and useful websites.




Reading is a very important part of the curriculum and to support this we mainly follow the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme to support early reading.  When a child becomes a confident reader we move onto free reading books which are books chosen with support of the class teacher to ensure a variety of genres are continued to be read and provide challenge at an appropriate level.


We send reading books home to allow parents and carers to support with reading and each child has a contact book which must be kept up to date, showing how often children are reading. 


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