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‘Wellbeing can be understood as how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and a social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole.”

Most people would agree that wellbeing is something they strive towards and the subjective measure of people’s wellbeing is deemed so important that it is included alongside health and the economy.

At Riverside Primary School we believe that having Wellbeing Champions across the board will enable all involved to become more positive within their own selves and their surroundings.

Miss Hansford

LTA, ELSA, Pupil Wellbeing Champion

Hi my name is Miss Hansford, I’ve been at Riverside since October 2016 when I came to cover for 2 weeks and never left!  I’ve been working as a Teaching Assistant for 10 years qualifying in Hertfordshire when my own children (twins) were 7.


I chose to work in education when my own family were young and I could see the struggle to understand the needs of one of my sons.  He was diagnosed with ASD, AdHd, Dyslexia and Anxiety at a young age and sadly there was not a lot of information for educators at this time.  With the help of their school, I took it upon myself to train as a TA taking particular interest in children with additional needs.  I have made it my goal in the past 10 years to learn as much as I can to support all children and continue to broaden my knowledge of all things relating to the wellbeing of children. 


I have worked hard, completing several long term courses on subjects which include childhood wellbeing.  Most recently completing a course on ‘Working with Challenging Behaviour’ and qualifying as the school’s ElSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) gaining a wider understanding of how children see the world and what coping mechanisms they use to deal with issues surrounding their everyday lives. 


As the school’s ELSA, I will ensure that every child’s wellbeing needs are catered for in a sensitive, caring and professional way.  The ELSA’s have trained with Educational Psychologists to carry out ‘Assistance’ to all pupils who would benefit from a block of sessions, which will be carried out in a relaxed supportive atmosphere.

I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have been asked to fill this exciting position of Pupil Wellbeing Champion at Riverside and will take on this role wholeheartedly and with great pleasure.


Mr Bell

Parent/Carer Wellbeing Champion

I am a parent, an employee, a dog owner and a staff governor with life experience that positions me uniquely in helping others. 


From a background in customer service, I have worked all across school.  As a result of my time in the Children’s Centre I have a good knowledge of the range of support services available to families. 


I am a practising dyslexic who has recently gained a degree.  Through the challenges of life I have developed bouncebackability and wish to help others who are in the midst of similar life events.


Mrs Gordon

Business Manager, Staff Wellbeing Champion


My name is Nichol Gordon.  I have been a member of staff at Riverside for nearly ten years.  I am currently the School Business Manager and am also a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


As a wife and mum of two teenage boys who works full time I am very aware of the pressures that individuals face when trying to juggle everything that life throws at them.  I feel that given my life experiences I am able to empathise and support others when they may need some extra support.


I am very interested in the link between body and mind and how this impacts on our well-being.  Over the last five years I have studied various things including counselling skills with Place2Be, Emotional First Aid and I have also become a qualified Hypnotherapist.  I am passionate about well-being for all and believe it must be a priority.  Early intervention is key in equipping our children to face the future with resilience and positivity.  Being able to be part of a team who are able to offer individualised support strategies, not only for our children but also for our parents and our staff, is a real pleasure for me and a real positive for our school community.


The Wellbeing team can be contacted at wellbeing@riverside.medway.sch.uk

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