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School Council

At Riverside, we believe it is very important that the children's views are represented in discussions and decision-making. We therefore have a School Council with members from Years 1 to 6. Every year, each class elects two people to represent them on the School Council. The Council meets regularly with Miss Tullett to discuss ideas that the children have for improving things at Riverside, charity events or to help make decisions about things that are going to happen.

For the academic year 2022-2023, our School Council representatives are:

  • Year One: Tiana, Max, Harry and Michaela
  • Year Two: Hannah, Kobe, Aubrie, Zakariya
  • Year Three: Rosie, Xander, Sophie,Aashrit
  • Year Four: Lily, Ethan, Amelie, Raphael
  • Year Five: Ewan, Molly
  • Year Six: Ashton, Ruby-May

You can recognise your School Council representatives by spotting their photos which are displayed in our school entrance.

Children in Need

School Council showed a great start to the academic year with their support and organisation with the event: Children in Need.

The children chose the theme for the day of wearing their pyjamas to school alongside a donation of £1. The children made posters at home and during school council meetings and then they were displayed around the school grounds.

We raised over £250 for the event, it was a success!

Our School Motto

Happy, Helpful and Hard-working.

School Council shared the views of staff, Governors and pupils before voting on a motto which they felt summarised our school. They kept the motto short and used alliteration to make it memorable. The motto is now used on our school newsletters and has been painted in our hall and outside Foundation Stage. The motto is used as a reminder of the attitude expected from our Riverside community.