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School Council

At Riverside, we believe it is very important that the children's views are represented in discussions and decision-making. We therefore have a School Council with members from Years 1 to 6. Every year, each class elects two people to represent them on the School Council. The Council meets fortnightly with Miss Carter to discuss ideas that the children have for improving things at Riverside, or to help make decisions about things that are going to happen.


For the academic year 2018-2019, our School Council representatives are:

Year One: Summer and Daniel

Year Two: Maddie and Owen

Year Three: Lily and Mark

Year Four: Henry and Freddy

Year Five: Megan and Harley B.

Year Six: Olivia B and Sebastian


You can recognise your School Council representatives by spotting their hi-viz arm badges that they wear alongside their school uniform and their photos are displayed on our School Council board in the conservatory.

Children in Need

School Council showed a great start to the academic year with their support and organisation with the event: Children in Need.

The children chose the theme for the day of wearing their pyjamas to school alongside a donation of £1. The children made posters at home and during school council meetings and then they were displayed around the school grounds.

We raised over £250 for the event, it was a success!

Our School Motto


Happy, Helpful and Hard-working.


School Council shared the views of staff, Governors and pupils before voting on a motto which they felt summarised our school. They kept the motto short and used alliteration to make it memorable. The motto is now used on our school newsletters and has been painted in our hall and outside Foundation Stage. The motto is used as a reminder of the attitude expected from our Riverside community.



Healthy Lifestyle

This year our School Council have been working closely alongside our Sports Council to promote healthy lifestyles.


School Council have been looking at exercise and healthy eating here at Riverside and noting down what things we do well as well as what things we could improve.


School lunches and packed lunches

All our school meals are provided by Chalkwells who has a healthy food policy as part of their tender. Food is prepared on site and a wide range of food is served in order to encourage a balanced diet. Wherever possible, this includes the use of fresh fruit and vegetables each day as a choice for the children. They provide a hot and a cold option, both of which are balanced, healthy and nutritional options.
Some children bring a packed lunch to school.

We have bought a fruit and salad cart this year which enables the children to try new foods and encourage healthier eating. School Council have created posters to support this.



All our under 5s are entitled to free milk which is organised by the EYFS staff. All EYFS and KS1 classes include a snack of washed fruit to all children. We are taking part in the Government initiative, the Free Fruit Scheme to provide all infants with free fruit and vegetables during the day. School Council have interviewed our younger children asking them what fruit and vegetables they like and we are working hard to get these into our school.


"I love strawberries, they are juicy." Ewan Year R.


"I love carrots, they help me see in the dark!" Erin Year 1.


KS2 children are encouraged to bring fruit which they can eat at playtime. The school council have been monitoring  our tuck shop to ensure there is  a range of healthy snacks and drinks at playtimes. They ensure that all their choices support our ethos of healthy eating.


School Policies

Here at Riverside we have created a new food policy on what foods we should be bringing into school and eating. School Council have been a part of this process and viewed the policies to have their say. Although some children wanted chocolate in their lunchboxes, they agreed with our policies and agreed that chocolate is not a healthy choice to have at lunchtime. These policies were then shared with governors and parents.



As we are approaching Healthy Lifestyles week at Riverside we are holding a competition for years R-6 on who can create the healthiest lunchbox? All children will get a chance to create their lunchboxes within school.

School Council will be on the judging panel and will help decide who our winners are.

Each winner will receive a certificate and a prize.



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