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Modern Foreign Language - French


MFL at Riverside aims to open up the world to children. Across the school, we hope to inspire a love of language, culture and understanding of other countries and people from a multitude of backgrounds. Furthermore, we aim to develop a secure set of listening, speaking and writing skills in a target language, helping the pupils to be able to communicate effectively for a range of purposes. Children should leave Riverside with key language learning skills that will prepare them for further language learning. 



French is taught using highly engaging strategies that bring together a wide variety of interactive resources designed to engage and enthuse learners. This is delivered in KS2. Children listen to a range of vocabulary on a wide range of topics and build their knowledge to a point where they can put this vocabulary into increasingly more complex sentences and also record this in their writing. High quality resources help the children to tune in their ear to a range of new sounds and helps them to develop accuracy when speaking French. We develop understanding of key grammatical structures, which also helps develop understanding of their first language. Many classes embed singing opportunities into language learning to ensure that language is re-enforced regularly. As a school, we use knowledge of our pupils varied backgrounds to build opportunities to understand other cultures and use words of various languages around the school to build on our inclusive practice.  



The children at Riverside are now beginning to develop their language skills with some classes showing real enjoyment when learning French. Teachers are able to plan progressive and appropriate lessons and deliver them with confidence allowing children to make progress year on year. Extra curricular activities such as European Day of Languages and cultural day allow children to participate in other cultures and build enthusiasm for language learning.