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Life Skills

At Riverside, we place great importance on giving our children the skills to be successful, healthy and happy adults, long after they have moved on from our school. Here are some of the amazing learning opportunities we incorporate into our curriculum that focus on these 'Life Skills'.



To ensure children begin to develop lifelong cookery skills and know how to make healthy choices, we have built a high spec food technology room. The "Cookery Corner" is designed to be used by all age groups and also has disabled access. Regular cookery lessons now form part of our curriculum in all year groups and enable the children to apply a range of maths, literacy, science and DT learning in a fun and purposeful way, as well as learning the practical skills of food preparation and hygiene. They share meals with their parents, cook treats for local residents and try new and exciting ingredients and recipes.

Here are some websites which will give you more ideas of how to improve your healthy choices!


Growing Our Own

Our fantastic Biodome means that we can grow our own fruit, vegetables and salad leaves which we then share and eat. So far we have grown some delicious lettuces which were added to our salad cart at lunchtime.

Career Aspirations

Every year, we hold a Jobs Fair for Year 6. This gives us the opportunity to meet people from a wide range of different industries and professions, including the police, architects, firefighters, chefs, gardeners, paramedics, bank staff and engineers. We can talk to them about their careers, try out their equipment and learn about how we can work towards having similar jobs. 


We work with local banks to deliver sessions to our Key Stage Two classes about finance including keeping money safe and project planning.