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Music plays a major part within the ethos of our school. Our aim is to give children the pleasure of listening to, performing and composing music in a variety of ways and sharing their developing expertise with others. We want our children to be able to express themselves as well as develop their own appreciation of music. We ensure our music lessons are fun, engaging and inclusive. All of our KS2 children will learn an instrument. We have a number of musical opportunities for all children including Riverside Rockers, Rockademy and Medway Music Association events.


Children have the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge of the elements of music and make decisions about the music they hear and play. Children are introduced to music making and performing right from Nursery and this continues throughout their school journey. Composition forms a large part of our Music curriculum and we are lucky to have such a wide range of instruments and access to music technology through Purple Mash.

In Key Stage 1 the children will take part in a six-week music project that focuses on listening, composing and performing. The project is planned to be cross-curricular, where the music specialist meets with class teachers to discuss the topic of that term and the skills they wish to focus on.

In Key Stage 2 children have the added benefit of a specialist teacher who offers instrumental tuition. All children learn to play a musical instrument and have time to explore music from around the world, different genres and periods in history. Year 3 learn to play the Djembe Drum, Year 4 learn to play the Ocarina, Year 5 learn to play the Recorder and Year 6 learn to play the Ukulele.

In addition to the music taught in school we enhance children's confidence by taking part in lots of performances including the annual Christmas Carol concert

at Rochester Cathedral, Key Stage One performance at the Central Theatre, Chatham and several performances throughout the year to parents. Riverside Rockers is a club that provides opportunities for children that love to sing, to build on their confidence, teamwork and resilience. The children sing a variety of different genres from Rock to Musical theatre, to develop their understanding of the music world and become part of the wider-community.

As a school, teachers have access to a Music overview and skills progression that ensures the progress and attainment of all children. This framework also ensures that our children receive a rich, varied and progressive curriculum. Teachers plan interesting and varied lessons which are closely linked to our cross-curricular topics. Teachers build upon prior knowledge and skills learnt as identified in our Music progression overview.


Music is a subject that brings everybody together, offering a variety of different ways to listen, appraise, perform and compose. We hope that children leave Riverside with an increased interest in music and a desire to continue as a listener, performer and composer. After having so many opportunities and experiences to perform, the children will leave Riverside with high aspirations and prior knowledge of the performing industry. The children will have an understanding of musicians, music genres, technology and instruments. This will contribute to their own identity, establishing their own musical interests. Children will leave Riverside with an understanding of musical theory and composition, allowing them the freedom to explore independently, creating their own journey within music. Whether that leads them to singing/instrumental lessons, joining a choir, studying BTEC, GCSE or A-Level music, lyrical writing, composing and much more!